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About CRRT

Covid Rapid Response Team (CRRT) is dedicated in helping all organizations stay safe during these difficult times. Our mission is to get business and government agencies back and opened safely. Our process of protocol to get you back to business quickly and safely is our mission. Covid Rapid Response Team (CRRT) is led by a team of world class physicians and operation management experts that understand what it takes to get you back to business!

Common Questions

With CRRT there is no need for worry, we have you covered! Leave it to us to provide the COVID services you need so that you can get back to work. Your CRRT professional team will get you back up and running in no time.

CRRT has a full Telemedicine department to order test for all your employees and family. Our license medical professionals will do everything virtually. Telemedicine eliminates employee absenteeism, high cost evaluation, and waiting days with doctor’s offices and clinics overwhelmed with limited resourcing and PPE due to COVID and other illnesses.

Our staff is trained and equipped to take this burden off of you and your business. Our Specialist will start by going through an extensive evaluation of your current COVID readiness on site to ensure understanding and proper execution.

It will be encouraged to test everyone who has come in contact with someone who has tested positive. CRRT will work with your team to ensure the most simplistic way to get all who need testing, tested.

CRRT is your answer. Our teams will disinfect your facility of its entirety, paying close attention to eliminating cross contamination and high traffic areas. The list of equipment and services provided by our professionals will allow us to customize the right fit for your business.

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To request a free, on-site inspection from the Covid Rapid Response Team (CRRT), contact us today at 863-825-7474 or email Jessica Gardner at We are equipped to handle all types of Covid-19 treatment services throughout the United States, including telemedicine and Covid testing, facility sanitizing, 24/7 cleaning, supplies and lots more.

As a dedicated full-service company, we guarantee to get you Covid free and back to operations. CRRT will certify our work to ensure your guest stay safe. Our team is equipped with the latest industry techniques, tools, and technology to provide you with superior results. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you!

Submit your informations below and please allow 1-2 business days for a response. Call 911 if you’re experiencing a medical emergency!

    Our staff is composed of Board Certified Physicians in all 50 states.

    In addition to our telemedicine services, members can use our services for second opinions and even can use them for chronic care disease management.