About My Doctor's Live

The origins of My Doctor’s Live date back to 1996, although the first documented telehealth call was between NASA and an astronaut in 1969. Today, we offer an intelligent solution to telehealth; an alternative to single source providers, minimum usage hidden within medical insurance, co-pays, consultation fees, and employees and employers suffering pay-as-you-go costs every time they make a call.

We are a PMPM

(Per Member Per Month) based company, with zero co-pays, that specialize in patient care via telehealth. My Doctor’s Live has a proven track record of delivering high-quality healthcare services at a fraction of the cost of the usual healthcare channels, to both patients and employers. Our competitive advantage is twofold; it is a service that is available 24/7/365. Member services are accessed via telephone or a web-based portal. Zero co-pays or additional charges to active members. Implementation of this program is guaranteed to save millions of dollars per year across the USA.

Our solution

is much more efficient and saves both patients and providers (State and Private) time and money. Changes in population demographics and their related health care needs have necessitated providers to find a viable alternative to in-person medical consultations. Telehealth is a proven alternative that increases the quality of customer care while significantly reducing costs to the provider. This is accomplished by exchanging medical information between patient/doctor via electronic/telephonic communications for the purpose of improving patient care, treatment, education, and services.

Ways To Connect with a Doctor


  • Talk to a doctor in 15 minutes on average
  • Comprehensive diagnostic consultation
  • Treatment Plan
  • Prescriptions if necessary

By Appointment

  • Schedule a specific time to talk to a doctor
  • Comprehensive diagnostic consultation
  • Treatment Plan
  • Prescriptions if necessary

Video Chat

  • Face-to-face consultation
  • Comprehensive diagnostic consultation
  • Treatment Plan
  • Prescriptions if necessary

Mobile App

  • IPhone, IPad and Android Devices
  • Connect by phone or video
  • Access our health library
  • Prescriptions if necessary
My Doctor's live

Employer Benefits


annual health care cost following an annual review


need for urgent care emergency room and some doctor visits


absenteeism and improve productivity


less costly than insurance healthcare

Help many

avoid out-of-pocket medical expenses


a necessary culture change regarding employees accessing healthcare


wellness, A.W.A., and provides a healthier workplace

My Doctor's live

Common non-emergency medical conditions telehealth treats

Sinus Infections
Upper Respiratory
Urinary Tract Infections
Moles and Warts
Stomach ache/Diarrhea
Eye infections/Pink Eye
Ear infections
Rash/Skin Irritations
Yeast Infection
And more!

Our staff is composed of Board Certified Physicians in all 50 states.

In addition to our telemedicine services, members can use our services for second opinions and even can use them for chronic care disease management.