Why Remote Patient Monitoring?

24/7 immediate access to a Medical Professional

Avoid unnecessary trips to the doctor

Daily health observations, for better health.

Feel Secure About Your Health Again!

Similar to patient care and monitoring in hospitals, My Doctors Live is now also providing the technology equipment needed to efficiently observe/sensor your health condition in the comfort of your home! In addition to the convenience of not having to leave your home for a checkup, our devices enable patients to perform normal daily activities comfortably at home while still being monitored. With the help of our digital technologies your physiologic patient data will be recorded from your location and electronically transmited securely to our physician in a different location.

How it works:

Step 1:

Order Your Patient Monitoring Device

We provide patients an EHR-connected monitoring device that monitors blood pressure, glucose, pulse ox, and/or weight. Devices send data automatically and digitally back to our platform and directly to our physician's EHR.

Step 2:

Our Doctors Are Alerted If Abnormal Readings Occur

When patients have abnormal readings, our 24/7 clinical team of nurses and MAs will call our patient, assess, and escalate only those cases that need to be escalated, efficiently making sure the patient gets the proper medical attention they need. Increasing the volume of communication and feedback between patients and physicians will help physicians react to concerning trends quickly and effectively, helping prevent complications, keeping patients healthy, happy, and more comfortable!

My Doctors Live

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Whether its an in-home covid test kit, chronic disease analysis, dermatology needs, a psychiatric consultation, or a treatment diagnosis, we are at your service! Our organization was founded to provide people and businesses the opportunity to have health care delivered to them and their families 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, world-wide. Providing this service is cost effective, convenient, lowers absenteeism levels, raises productivity levels all while saving organizations tremendous amounts on health care costs.

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    My Doctors Live

    Your health is our priority


    Our primary goal is to provide monitoring services for your wellbeing. We use technology to monitor you remotely and provide this information on a daily basis to your doctor.


    We serve patients and clinics across the entire United States of America, including Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico

    My Doctors Live

    Our RPM services

    Remote patient monitoring allows us to capture daily blood pressure, weight, Sp02 and or blood glucose levels and transmit them directly to your doctor.


    Your insurance should cover most or all of the costs for telemonitoring


    My Doctors Live will call you when your device is delivered and provide you with the proper training on the device.


    You will take daily readings as prescribed by your doctor.


    My Doctors Live monitors your health daily and sends results back to your doctor. Your doctor is alerted to high-risk readings.