Since the beginning of the pandemic factors including social-distancing mandates, employee shortages, fear of human contact, and shortened business hours have limited the number of patients doctors offices are able to see daily. These factors have led to patients having to wait weeks or even months to secure an appointment.

Unfortunately, this led to thousands of individuals developing health conditions that could have easily been prevented if they were identified earlier. Even individuals who generally get checkups and had no pending health concerns were affected. In addition, the elderly and individuals with pre-existing health issues were left to suffer, resulting in many passing away from untreated complications.

Compassionately aware of this healthcare crisis, My Doctors Live has utilized telemedicine to consult millions of patients from the comfort of their office or home. With the help of our technology platform doctors were able to consult the patient digitally in their own home! Our doctors have now consulted patients for Covid-19 at home testing, remote patient monitoring, chronic disease analysis, dermatology needs, psychiatric consultations, genetic testing for cancer, screening for anesthesia prior to surgery, or a treatment diagnosis, and more.